Skylandia Farm Calendar 2021


Skylandia Farm’s 2021 calendar celebrates the relationship between wild lands and human activity. The illustrations by Rivera Sun evoke scenes from the past, present, and future of respectful practices on Skylandia Farm. The writing by Leah Cook is drawn from her daily experiences walking the land, listening to its dreams, and learning the ways a place writes its own poetry through the turning seasons. A perfect gift for family and friends!



Support Skylandia Farm by purchasing our unique and creative 2021 Calendar. With original artwork by Rivera Sun and writings by Leah Cook, this beautiful and uplifting calendar will brighten your life year-round. Pick up one for yourself and for friends. They make unique gifts! All proceeds support Skylandia Farm’s 500 acres of wild meadows, wetlands, organic farm fields, and human-nature connections. Thank you! The calendar is what we call a SM.ART (small art) calendar. It is 6×12 inches, designed to fit on your fridge, burst with beauty, and be mindful of resources.

Our family (the Cooks) is part of a thriving community of wild life that we have lived alongside for decades. Our mother would greet the mother bear with her cubs as she worked in the potato fields with her “cubs” of children alongside her. In these times of climate crisis, it is vitally important that we revive a tradition of reverence for the land rhythms that cradle us. This calendar tries to share some of the beauty and possibility of this journey.

Skylandia Farm is located in Northern Maine on the border of Canada in traditional Mi’kmaq and Maliseet territory. The Cook family bought the land from French Acadian farmers Valier and Florence Dumais in 1994. We farmed 40 acres of potatoes, mixed vegetables, and berries in rotation. Today, a friend grows organic buckwheat, oats, and winter rye in our fields. Farming is just one small part of our efforts to steward 500 acres. We use sustainable forest practices to enhance our woodlands as they grow. We preserve wetlands, meadows, and wild spaces for black bear, moose, beaver, bald eagle, otter, bees, and more. We host biologists, writers, painters, performers, and families looking to reconnect to the land in the 70-year-old house built by Valier’s father Hector. Much of our work is about making space for others – human, plant, animal, and ecosystem – to flourish in balance with one another. Come visit!

The annual Skylandia Farm calendar uses art and writing to reconnect you with the land. In the 2021 Calendar, we share evocative reminders of wild creatures and habitats such as owls, wetlands amphibians, rabbits, burrowed foxes, and lightning bugs. We also share agrarian and forestry practices that we have used or are exploring using at Skylandia Farm, like scything and horse logging. The calendar illustrates humans in connection with the earth, picking wild blueberries and making dandelion wishes. We hope it brings you joy and connection all year round! Your purchase of calendars for yourself, friends, and family helps us protect and preserve wild lands, organic fields, sustainable woodlots, and space for humans to come visit. Thank you.

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