Skylandia Farm News

Skylandia Farm 2021 Calendars are here!

Our beautiful, evocative, and heartwarming Skylandia Farm 2021 Calendar is here! With colorful illustrations by Rivera Sun and poetic, land-based writings by Leah Cook, this year’s calendar shares the wildness and ways that humans, land, and agriculture weave together at our magical, far north farm. A perfect gift for families and friends! Find the calendar here.

Skylandia Farm 2020 News

Like many people, the pandemic turned our summer plans topsy-turvy. Skylandia Farm is located in Northern Maine, right on the Canadian border. We usually host guests all summer long in our beautiful Farm House. In the past, biologists, plein air painters, and families on vacation have stayed with us. This year, it’s been quiet. Our family land steward, Leah Cook, has tended the gardens and walked the land, listening to the ways our wild neighbors amble when human presence is scarce. With our 40 acres of organic fields planted in buckwheat and oats (relatively low impact crops), Skylandia Farm has been a quiet sanctuary for the creatures that our family and guests share an ecosystem with. Black bears, moose, bald eagles, osprey, beaver, fox, raccoon, coyote, and many others have wound their trails and footpaths through the wild meadows or forests this summer.

Due to the pandemic, we are closed until the end of the year. We are sharing the balm and solace of the Earth via our Skylandia Farm newsletter, so please join it! It’s sporadic, fascinating, and filled with photos, land-based news, and both artwork and poetry that sings the beauty of the Earth into our hearts. Join the newsletter here>>

One of Skylandia Farm’s cascading beaver ponds at dawn.